Ever since the establishment of United Industries Limited in 1962, we are proudly housing the most beloved consumer goods for every generation. With a distribution network spread all across Pakistan, UIL strongly emphasizes on Research & Development. International standards are maintained in all products by using the latest modern techniques of purification and processing through ultra-high-tech equipment. We believe in the goodness of nature, which is why we strive to bring the purest, most natural products to the market. Our offerings are chemical free, all sourced from pristine farms and fields across the world.

Our Vision

We are commited to help discover your heart's delight with products that improve life.

Our Mission

Enrich the world by nurturing communities through innovative products that nourish individuals to grow, flourish and reach their true potential.

Our Values


Make all the necessary changes to make the traditions timeless.


We value our team by encouraging and rewarding them.


Maintain the trust by delivering what we promised, every time.


Real courage and greatness comes from doing little things.


Committed to delivering quality & ensuring customer satisfaction


Maintain lasting relationships by making a real difference.