In 2022, Kashmir Cooking Oil brought back the Kashmir Beats platform for its fans due to the first season’s unprecedented success. Season 2 got bigger, bolder and louder with a line-up of 23 of Pakistan’s favourite superstars, releasing 16 original songs that captured the hearts of the Pakistani audience.

The stage gave viewers a chance to see the likes of Reema Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Hiba Bukhari and others, come together on one stage and give memorable performances. The stars showcased immense talent, all the while working towards promoting Pakistan’s music culture. Season 2 became Pakistan’s first-ever musical platform to host such a massive line up with so much star power.

The star cast for Kashmir Beats Season 2:

Ali AzmatReema KhanHira ManiMehwish Hayat
Ayesha OmarUrwa HocaneFarhan SaeedOmer Shehzad
Ahmed Ali ButtBushra AnsariHiba BukhariKinza Hashmi
Rup MagonWaseem BadamiZarnish KhanAnooshey Abbasi
Shuja HaiderAisha IjlalShany HaiderShani Arshad
Nida HussainNajam ShirazHassan Hayat 

Kashmir Beats Season 2 kicked off with the platforms first-ever promo song “Stars Are Back” produced by Haris Qadeer. “Stars Are Back” gave audiences a sneak peek into what the season had in store for its fans.

The platforms reception banked on star appeal that connected with different age groups and put forward songs for everyone to enjoy. With a diverse range of genre, from beat-dropping rap to wedding songs, Kashmir Beats Season 2 rocked the nation with its unique rhythm.

Along with remarkable songs, Season 2 also released a Naat in the month of Ramzan, recited by Waseem Badami, who in his soulful voice recreated Najam Shiraz’s “Woh Hi Khuda Hai”, sending chills down the audiences’ spines. “Haq Allah”, “Pyar nai fir karna”, “Tamana” and “Babul” garnered more than a million views in less than 48 hours on their release. Tamana by Hira Mani is the season’s most popular song with over 9 million views on YouTube. With Hira’s melodious singing and expressive dance moves, the song made fans go crazy.

Three of Pakistan’s biggest composers led the way for Kashmir Beats Season 2 Shany Haider, Shani Arshad and Shuja Haider, all of whom have a passion for song writing and producing original music. And they amazed audiences with the variety and quality of songs they composed for the season.

For a behind-the-scenes look into the world of Kashmir Beats, Vasay Chaudhry led the “Behind the Beats” segment. His lively personality and humour gave a unique twist to the inner workings of the season, with him taking the audience behind the stage, and interacting with the artists, gaining insights into the philosophy behind their passion for music.

Kashmir Beats Season 2: Stars Are Back is free to stream on YouTube, and Facebook and also available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Bajao and Spotify.